About Us

About Nature Safari:

In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but what we refuse to destroy.”These lines of John Sawhill, speak volumes of the conservation of nature and natural objects. Yes, wildlife is albeit the greatest asset of the earth. Its conservation and protection has to be the utmost priority of every human being. And this is the avowed objective on which, ‘Nature Safari’ works on the vast canvas of wildlife conservation. It firmly believes in ensuring the fact that, our Generation-next should get a richer flora and fauna.

The Team Spirit:

We are a team of professionals from hospitality industry and Eco-development Communication, having an experience of decades. For us wildlife and its conservation is a mission, a passion, a journey, which we have translated into a profession. Today, we manage the finest wildlife resorts in India, which includes Tiger Den Bandhavgarh, Tiger Den Ranthambore, and The Bagh in Bharatpur.

The Naturalists:

Exceptionally trained and experienced, our naturalists are wildlife experts, those who have an unmatched wildlife tracking skills. Passionately committed to conservation, they are also licensed safari professionals.

The Staff members:

All our staff at the resorts is local. The idea behind is to provide maximum benefit to the local communities. At the same time we provide a cost effective solution without any compromise on the standards and values.

The Safari Vehicles:

In order to guarantee comfort during travel, we take a maximum of four guests in one jeep. However, we also use 20-seated open canters in Ranthambore. Our vehicles are spacious, customized, well maintained and designed for catering the wildlife viewing to the maxim.

Sustainable Community Development:

We believe in developing relationships with our neighbours to undertake projects, with an aim to make an impact over the local economy. In the process, we contribute towards the sustainable community development.

Creating Awareness:

We provide accurate and valuable information on wildlife, local culture and ecosystems through our innovative publications and thus create environmental awareness. Our enthralling encounters with wildlife have been highly appreciated by the guests. According to our naturalists, the guests absorb a note of appreciation of the ecological processes

Environmental Impact:

We strive for a symbiosis with the nature. For that we have been constantly exploring the ways to cheque the environmental impact of the lodge, camps and activities.

* Parameters and guidelines have been developed for all lodges to keep the beauty and tranquillity of the natural environment and wildlife impact. Our conservation team provides the workable and cost effective solution and that too on a priority basis to all the lodge managers.

‘Green Teams,’ which comprises of volunteers and staff members in each lodge and camp, investigates the problems inside the habitats. At the same time, the team also paves the solution to the problem. The wise use of energy and water, the disposal of waste including garbage, and controlling of the alien plants are among the key aspects on which the team focuses on.

* We are very much conscious about the sensitivity towards wildlife and landscapes. Game, drives and walks inside the camp is not permissible as it might affect the ambience of the habitat.