Do’s and Don’t’s


– Get film and lenses ready in advance while you are waiting to board the elephant. Take extra film: you may need it!

– Obey the mahout’s instructions about where to sit on the howdah. It is important that the load be balanced.

– Appreciate the jungle as you ride to the location of the tiger. You are seeing the forest in a way that is quite unlike riding down a park road.

– Protect your eyes, spectacles, and equipment when you are riding through thick jungle. The bamboo can give you some nasty jabs if you’re not careful.

– Be prepared for the tiger to move at any time. If it does, your elephant will probably stay with it. The tiger show will develop an entirely different rhythm, so hold on!

– Remain seated at all times, and make sure that small children are secure.


– Expect that there will be a tiger show every day. The mahouts are successful at their tracking only about 60% of the time.

– Try to get your vehicle driver to jump the queue.

– Try to persuade the mahout to disturb the tiger in any way.

– Stand on the howdah or unhook the bar.

– Make loud noise or use flash photography.