Accommodation, Lodges, Resorts, Camps of Kanha

The tiger (Panthera tigris, Hindi sher, bagh) is the largest of all thirty­seven speciesof wild cats. Along with the lion, the leopard, the snow leopard, and the jaguar,the tiger is classified in the genus Panthera,

Chitvan Resorts

A unique three dimensional effort combining, leisure, love, and lifestyle. In todays competitive cut throat world where one loses peace, and sleep in search of external, momentary materialistic pleasures, Chitvan is an insight providing practical and eternal solutions (Soul Evolution). Difficult to call it a Lodge, a Resort, or an Ashram, Chitvan is where Life lives.


1. Vision Chitvan : To be a reality show case window implementing Alternative Lifestyle, to give you a glimpse of rural India while doing Safaris and be present in all key Tiger reserves of India in next 5 years

2. Mission Chitvan : Achieving Alternative Lifestyle by Self Sustaining activities. Discovering yourself by going back to basics, enriching yourself by learning about local flora and fauna.

3. Team Chitvan : Promoted by Sharad, Shailendra and Talat. Implemented by Ashwani, and his carefully chosen team

4. Logo Chitvan : “Lotus” is an aquatic plant with broad floating green leaves and bright fragrant flowers that grow only in shallow waters. In India the sacred lotus is legendary and much folklore and religious mythology is woven around it. Rich in meaning and metaphor, the Lotus symbolises divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and not to forget enlightenment. A symbol of strong vital force that could withstand extremely adverse conditions. The lotus flower represents long life, health, honor and good luck.. It was this depth of thought that made the founding fathers of modern India enshrine the lotus in the Constitution as the National Flower.

5. Meaning Chitvan : Chitt (Product of Mind, Intellect and Ego), Van (Forest). In the third stage of Hindu Life, in Vanaprashta, i.e. after 50 years of age, man went to the forest to channelize his Chitt. The forest where he went to do the same was termed as Chitt-Van.

5. Location : 3.6kms from Mukki gate of Kanha National Park, amidst a thick Sal Forest, spread in 12 acres of Lush Tropical Forest

6. Area : 19 acres of pristine corner of Kanha National Park

7. View : 240 degrees of Kanha National Park, 120 degrees of Maikal Hills

8. Pravesh (Entrance) :
A simple 100 metres drive in to take you to the main reception. A 300 years old traditional gate, opens to take you in a different world altogether. Cross the bridge with Lotus in a small water body under you, and couple of nice rockeries and chalets closeby, you are at the Reception of Chitvan.

9. Accomodation : 12 well appointed Air-Conditioned spacious Suites. A place for every purse, purpose and personality is what we thought when we designed Chitvan. Accommodation to house casual leisure traveler, a peace finder, a business tycoon, a head of state, you name it and we have it all.

10. Suites : Giving a taste of Elemental living, all Suites have a unique outlook, providing you privacy, taste of homely stay in India depicting colorful and cultural spectrum of the country. We have tried to put together a place where integrity of design is apparent without disturbing the environment that makes for haronious living. They are classified as follows:

» Jal Suites, in 1400 sq feet, with a private water body, 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, private living room, open shower and private sit our areas. Room, Bathroom and Courtyard with a view.

» 4 Prithvi Suites in 750 sq feet, with a 60 feet Saja Tree in the courtyard, room, bathroom and sit outs with a view.

» 4 Akash Suites spread in 750 sq feet, out of 4, 2 suites with a transparent acrylic sheet ceiling to give you a feel of sleeping under the stars. Option to cover the same also available

» Vayu Suites spread in 750 sq feet, with very Airy and open views,

11. Agni (Fire) restaurant : Amulti cuisine restaurant, serving you fresh farm food, with no refrigerator and micro wave in kitchen. Option of siting near the pool on the ground floor, to see the panoramic view of the Maikal Hills sit on the first floor of Agni. With deep verandas on all sides to keep you in sync with nature, a bright place by day, and irridiscent by night.

12. Facilities :
Swimming Pool, Spa, Jogging track – 1.8 kms, Acu pressure track, and an Amphi Theatre.

13. Activities : Farming, Irrigation, Ploughing, Meditation, Birding, Pottery, Milking of Cows and any more.

14. Surroundings : Accommodation well camouflaged in the Sal and Saj trees, there is a plenty of food for birds and Langurs from guava, pomegranate and other fruiting trees. Private lawns around the Suites to give you a taste of perfect synergy between Human and Nature creation.

15. Meditation Room:
A quiet haven for the wondering minds, about 1100 feet away from main accommodation, it is surrounded by a water body which is a paradise for birds. Sit here and let the world take a back seat.

16. Birds of Chitvan : About 125 avian species have made Chitvan their home, take a binocular, sit quietly in your courtyards, and observe the day in the life of birds of Chitvan. Flocks of Egrets display beautiful patterns while landing and taking off from trees close to you. Paddy bird in the paddy fields, Crested Serpent Eagles on the water body close by, Kingfishers, Indian rollers, Golden Orioles, and Minivets are commonly seen.

Shergarh Resorts

Shergarh is the creation of naturalist Jehan Bhujwala and his English wife Katie, whose aim is to ensure a personalised and specialised wildlife experience to every guest. Shergarh Tented Camp, Kanha Jungle Resorts

Six cosy tents are individually spaced inside a wooded grove to provide privacy. Each has a large front verandah and an attached bathroom with piping hot showers. Thatched roofs house each tent and are watered in the hot months to ease off rising temperatures. Wholesome Indian and Continental food prepared from home-grown vegetables, local produce and fish farmed from our lake is served in the Main House. Surrounded by deep verandahs, the house looks out on to an array of bird life displaying on the water, and serves as a central meeting point to exchange stories around an open fire, or to relax quietly with a book from our library.

Wildlife Activities :

We offer our guests a variety of activities during their stay at Shergarh:

Accompanied game drives within the core area of the reserve to view the diverse range of wildlife;

Early morning bird walks are a great opportunity to explore Kanha’s jungle on foot;

Cycling through the forest for a swim in the Banjar river is a satisfying activity for the warmer months – rewarded with afternoon tea on the rocks; Shergarh Tented Camp, Kanha Jungle Resorts

Visiting a local village on market day is a unique opportunity to experience traditional trading and bustling rural life, enjoying a riverside picnic en-route;

Pre-dinner slide shows provide a concise and informative documentation of Kanha’s wildlife and people.

At Shergarh, we highly regard a display of sensitivity and responsibility to our surrounding social and ecological environment.

Tuli Tiger Resort, Kanha

Gracing the bank of Banjar River, Tuli Tiger Resort -Kanha represents the rich, vibrant heritage of rural India. It offers a picturesque wildlife setup, where you can take in the true jungle ambience created by perfect natural surroundings. Here you can rise in the morning hearing the chirping of the birds, watching the sunrise in the eastern horizon over the distant palms and woods.

The nature is in her most alluring outfit all the time. The wind whisphers a million thoughts and sweet fragrances of wild flowers pampers the imagination. If you have dreamt of touring the Tiger-Reserves whether for its rare wealth of tigers or stunning biodiversity, Tuli Tiger Resort in Kanha – Madhya Pradesh is an answer to your prayers.

Taj Bannjar Tola

Taj Safaris’ jungle safari lodge is situated along the banks of the Banjaar River, directly overlooking the heart of Kanha National Park. The luxurious, yet lightweight, ensuite tents have been designed in a contemporary style, with pressed bamboo wall panels, gorgeous bamboo floors and locally crafted furniture hewn from the timber of exotic Indian trees. The textiles have been designed in tones of delicate saffron and acid-washed green, with rich block-printed Madhya Pradesh cottons and silks. The atmosphere is light, ethereal and organic.

The lodge boasts two elegant camps of nine suites, each with its own intimate tented sitting area. Banjaar Tola has its own unique identity, celebrating the Bastar and Dogra art that hails from nearby Chattisgarh.

Chitvan Jungle Lodge, Kanha

Chitt is a product of Mind, Intellect and Ego, Van is Forest. So Chitvan is the forest which a man in his third stage of life visits to chanelize his Chitt (Mind, Intellect and Ego).

The idea behind Chitvan is to make it a retreat from Worldly Life, a Stage 3 retreat, where a person would free himself from all Illusions.

Chitvan Jungle lodge in true sense is connected to jungle. It shares its boundry with the core zone. Wilderness takes over Chitvan in an organised way. 14 Acres provides home to number of residents and migratory bird alike. All this is present with omnipresent service staff which are able and always ready to provide the best to the residents.

Shergarh Camp

SHERGARH CAMP has six cosy tents, spaciously set within a young, indigenous woodland.

Zip into a cool, breathable canvas bedroom, softly draped in white block-printed cotton, set with a large, comfortable bed, soft pillows and locally crafted furniture.

Open the bamboo door into a spacious bathroom, with twin-basins, separate toilet and shower rooms and a large area to store your luggage. Our toiletries are made from 100% natural products, and presented in reusable glass bottles, so there is no plastic waste. Our showers are really good!

Charge all types of travelling gadgets from a variety of electricity points. A hairdryer is provided.

Stargaze and sunbathe from your private, cushioned verandah.

Baagh Tola

Bagh Tola is situated at the base of a Sal capped hillock just a short drive from the Mukki Gate of the Kanha National Park. The lodge is designed to replicate the secure residences of the British Raj, as they forayed into the ‘inhospitable’ wilderness. With guided safaris, library and restaurant within the elegantly styled colonial compound our guests are welcomed into an ambience where high quality services are proffered with Central Indian gentleness. Personalized service and attention to detail are extended in an inspiring jungle setting.

Rooms We scoured old houses of Calcutta, Balaghat and Mumbai. All the 08 rooms are complete with double four poster beds, comfortable rugs, old hunters desk and Private bathroom for each unit.. The rooms make a perfect retreat post a hectic day in the forests

Courtyard house

Courtyard House is set in the confines of enchanting forests at the periphery of the National Park. The super luxury room accommodation offers an awe-inspiring retreat in the lush green woods, pool side settings in the zone of silence. All things good are complemented by personalized care, awesome cuisine and warm ambiance… this makes you more than a lodge occupant.

The property is situated amidst the big cat infested buffer zone confines of Kanha at Soona Ghat in isolated scenic area of Patpara Village. The little paradise Courtyard House is a short drive to Khatia Gate past Mocha Village. It is situated in complete isolation, truely a fantastic private retreat which accords meaning to your wildlife sojourn.

Tuli Tiger Corridor

Gracing the bank of Banjar River, Tuli Tiger Resort -Kanha represents the rich, vibrant heritage of rural India. It offers a picturesque wildlife setup, where you can take in the true jungle ambience created by perfect natural surroundings. Here you can rise in the morning hearing the chirping of the birds, watching the sunrise in the eastern horizon over the distant palms and woods. The nature is in her most alluring outfit all the time. The wind whisphers a million thoughts and sweet fragrances of wild flowers pampers the imagination.

The Baagh

Arriving at the Baagh Resort you first cross the threshold of an old traditional mud farm home and then move into the expanse of the Baagh Retreat. The slightly elevated restaurant dining terraces are tranquil and open perch from which to gaze at the gardens. The Baagh’s landscape has hundreds of fruiting trees and many vegetables, which are used in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Each of the 24 rooms, 16 Deluxe Suites and 8 Junior Suites are well-appointed with open terraces facing towards the garden and the lake. Marble clad bathrooms and sumptuous beds are welcome comforts that soothe the guest after a day of exploring nature.